Friday, June 27, 2008

Intangible National Treasure - TEMOMI

If you would like to try the ancient taste of teas, "Temomi-cha" tea is your choice. Temomi means "hand kneading," and cha means "tea" in Japanese. In short, Temomi-cha can be said that is the 100% hand-made green tea. Its taste and flavor are completely different from teas now we are drinking; it has really deep taste and green flavor. When the Sen cha was invented about 300 years ago, all the process to make the tea was taken by humans' hands. It started from hand pick of tea leaves, and then steaming, kneading, and drying process were performed only by hands. Today, all of these processes are mechanized and the Temomi-technique is almost forgotten.

My mother has striven to preserve the Temomi-technique since 1995. Right now, she has a teaching license and has held the Temomi-cha event for public since 2005. The pictures above are the Temomi-cha event held on May 2008 at my father's factory. I was very sad that I couldn't participate the event this year because I wan in the U.S.

In near future, I'm going to import the Temomi-cha into the U.S. I'd like to have a chance to introduce the Temomi-cha to American audience.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Best Blended/Flavored Green Tea!

May 30th late afternoon, the winners of the World Tea Championship was announced. And... our Genmai cha was selected as the best tea in the Blended/Flavored Green Tea Category!

Right now, almost all American people know "green tea is good for health" and demands for green tea products are very high. That encourages many tea companies to invent a new blend of green tea to meet the American customers preference. Mint green tea. Ginger green tea. Lemon green tea... There are hundreds of new-blend green teas in the U.S. market.

This time, many of these new-blend green teas competed in the World Tea Championship. And what I was impressed was Genmai cha, which has 70-year history in Japan, was recognized as the best tea among them. I'm really happy with this result, but more importantly I realized how special the Japanese culture and history was.