Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Coffee Fest Seattle 2008

Coffee Fest Seattle was held at Washington Convention Center from September 12 to 14. We, SA Japanese Green Tea, had a booth and introduced traditional Japanese green tea.

Because the main focus of this show was COFFEE, there were many coffee companies and we were one of a few companies exhibiting only teas. We provide people with free samples of iced green tea, and all of our teas received many positive comments and feedback from potential customers. Especially, many people liked our Genmai cha. During the show, we came to be much confident that our teas would be liked by American consumers.

At the show, there was "latte art championship." And most impressively, the winner was Japanese barista, Hiroshi Sawada!!!! There were many American baristas competing in the championship, and I'm very proud of him as Japanese. Congratulation Hiroshi!