Friday, August 29, 2008

Seattle Gift Show 2008

Seattle Gift Show 08 was held from September 16 to 19. This was our first time to exhibit for any gift show, so there were many things we could discovered at the show. How to display products effectively or how to behave at the booth so that we can get attention from attendees. These questions were always in my mind during the show.

The most impressive thing was how other exhibitors established relationship with their customers. Because many of exhibitors have participated this show for many years, there were a lot of attendees who just came to see their favorite companies' products. For example, McSteven's Inc. They just sold cocoa or hot chocolate, but I was so surprised when I saw many customers made a line and were waiting to be helped. WHY? They said " this is our back yard, we have come this show for many many years."

I decide to participate the Seattle Gift Show next year, too. And I hope my company can establish good and solid relationship with customers, just like McSteven's.

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