Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our Healthy Gift Recommendation

Holiday season is coming soon! Are you looking for healthy gift idea for your loved ones? We have an excellent suggestion.

"Healthy Green Tea Gift"

It surely pleases tea lovers of any ages. In Japan, we have a variety of gift-giving occasions, and green tea is one of the most major gift for any generation. Today, a lot of people in the U.S. recognize health benefits green tea offers and start drinking green tea. This is the best timing to ask your loved ones to start healthy life. The following is our suggestion for you.

Gift set of 3 varieties of traditional Japanese green tea leaves
Set of Sen cha, Hoji cha, and Genmai cha tea leaves. If your friends or family are tea lovers who have tea pots, this tea leaves gift will be the perfect gift for them.

Gift set of 3 varieties of traditional Japanese green tea TeaPac
If your friends or family just start drinking green tea for their health, this TeaPac gift will be the perfect gift for them.

TOKONAME Tea Pot "Cherry Blossom"
Not so many people have a traditional tea pot specially design for Japanese green tea. This will be very special gift not only for the person who just start drinking green tea, but for the person enjoying tea daily.

There are a lot more healthy gifts suggested in our website. Choose the best gift for your family, friends, and loved ones and spend healthy holiday season.


J.D. said...

Mr. Hiroyuki Sugimota is correct in recommending Genmai cha. The flavor of Genmai cha is exquisite! Genmai cha tastes maybe just bit better than Sen cha. Both teas are delicious!

Kyohei SUGIMOTO said...

Thank you for your comment. Yes, Genmai cha and Sen cha are two of our best selling teas.

Have you tried our Hoji cha? Hoji cha also has very nice roasting aroma just like Genmai cha. And very uniquely, it has much less Caffeine, so good for drinking at night or for someone sensitive for Caffeine.