Tuesday, September 8, 2009

greeTEAing card

I'm very pleased to announce here that our greeTEAing cardTM is finally ready to be marketed. If you want to put a little more thought into the card you are sending to someone special, our greeTEAing card can be your choice. The following is the brief description about 3 kinds of our greeTEAing cards.

greeTEAing card
"Thank You"

Tea Flavor: Sen Cha

Sending your appreciation with our exceptional quality Sen Cha. It surely show your gratitude and thoughtfulness.

greeTEAing card
"Happy Birthday"

Tea Flavor: Hoji Cha

"Happy birthday!" for tea lovers. Hoji Cha has much less caffeine, and it is loved by many tea drinkers of all ages.

greeTEAing card
"Thinking of You"

Tea Flavor: Genmai Cha

Sending hearty message with our award-winning Genmai Cha. This card can be used for any occasion.

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Anonymous said...

These are really thoughtful cards. I'd like to start giving the gift of tea like this for those holidays and special occasions. It's not only a card but a little gift that didn't have to be anything expensive. Love it. --Teaternity