Friday, June 18, 2010

World Tea Expo 2010

World Tea Expo 2010 was held from June 11 to 13 at Las Vegas Convention Center. First of all, I want to thank all the customers who came to our booth. We received many valuable feedback from our customers, and we are sure that these feedback will help us to improve our tea quality and service. It was our 3rd consecutive year to have a booth at this show, and we were very pleased that many of the attendees already recognized our company as a quality tea supplier.

This year, the Tea Maestro and his wife (my father and mother) came to help me. My father had talked with many customers and explained about his teas, and my mother had prepared more than 800 cups of tea samples for 3 days. It was great chance even for me to listen what my father talked about his teas and also see how my mother brewed each tea respectively.

From this show, we started offering 8 kinds of bulk loose leaf for customers such as tea houses, cafes, restaurants, and hotels. All of the teas were traditional green teas in Japan, but some teas were quite new for here in the U.S. As a Japanese tea specialist, we would like to continue to introduce unique Japanese teas for American tea enthusiasts!

For inquiry regarding to the bulk loose leaf, please contact us.

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Justin said...

hey its nice show i saw on net, i want to ask one thing do you Darjeeling tea
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