Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Green Tea Facial Pack

One of our customers in Colombia asked me yesterday if he can use our Sencha Powder to make a facial pack. The answer is "YES." Green tea has many properties which are good for our skin.
  1. Catechin: Strong antioxidative effect (fighting to active oxygen causing aging process), Antibacterial effect
  2. Vitamin E: "Anti-aging vitamin"
  3. Vitamin C: Helping synthesis of collagen
--How to make green tea facial pack--
  1. Mix one third of Sencha powder and two third of flour
  2. Add water bit by bit until it becomes thick paste
  3. Put the paste on your skin and wait 10 minutes*
  4. Wash out the paste with warm water

*Please do skin patch test before use

OR, you can use Sen Cha teabag for facial massage. Even after steeping, many of properties are remained in tea leaves. The teabag massage makes your skin clean and smooth.

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