Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bulk Tea Selection

As I mentioned before, my company started offering 8 kinds of bulk tea leaves, 3 kinds of bulk large teabag, and 3 kinds of green tea powder from the World Tea Expo. Since I blogged about it, we have received many inquiries about these teas, and now these teas are available in our online store.

For the person who is not familiar to these Japanese green teas, we offer 3 kinds of samplers.

Bulk Sampler A
1. Sen Cha (Fukamushi)
2. Sen Cha Premium
3. Ban Cha
4. Kona Cha

These 4 teas have pure green flavor and loved by Japanese for centuries. If you prefer strong, green, pure flavor, this sampler is worth trying.

Bulk Sampler B

1. Kuki Cha
2. Hoji Cha
3. Genmai Cha (without Matcha)
4. Genmai Cha with Matcha

These teas are also traditional green teas in Japan and have very unique flavor. If you are tired of plain green tea, this sampler will let you find another world of green tea.

Powder Sampler
1. Sencha Powder
2. Hojicha Powder
3. Genmaicha Powder

These powder green tea can be used as healthy ingredients for your cooking. Please find your original recipe by using these powder.

If you have any question about these teas, please feel free to contact us.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Iced Hoji Cha

Finally, summer came to Seattle. It's about 80 degree now, and the bright sunshine shines in through the window. From my office, I could see many people eating lunch out today.

Traditionally many Japanese drink barley tea during summer. Because it is caffeine free, many parents let their children drink barley tea. So did my mother.

Today, I love to drink iced Hoji Cha. Its taste is very similar to barley tea, but Hoji Cha has more smoky flavor. Also, Hoji Cha has catechin, which many studies showed its health benefits, so I can say iced Hoji Cha is healthier than barley tea.

It's very easy to make iced Hoji Cha - just make strong hot Hoji Cha and put ice cubes in a cup. Or, if you would like to brew Hoji Cha with cold water, please use a little bit more leaves than usual and steep for 5 minutes. Cold-brew Hoji Cha has much sweeter than hot-brew Hoji Cha because theanin (sweetness) is extracted more than tannin (bitterness) in cold water. Our website has a little bit more information about the balance of theanin and tannin (please refer the "water temperature" section).

Seattle's summer is short. I will enjoy it with iced Hoji Cha!

Friday, June 18, 2010

World Tea Expo 2010

World Tea Expo 2010 was held from June 11 to 13 at Las Vegas Convention Center. First of all, I want to thank all the customers who came to our booth. We received many valuable feedback from our customers, and we are sure that these feedback will help us to improve our tea quality and service. It was our 3rd consecutive year to have a booth at this show, and we were very pleased that many of the attendees already recognized our company as a quality tea supplier.

This year, the Tea Maestro and his wife (my father and mother) came to help me. My father had talked with many customers and explained about his teas, and my mother had prepared more than 800 cups of tea samples for 3 days. It was great chance even for me to listen what my father talked about his teas and also see how my mother brewed each tea respectively.

From this show, we started offering 8 kinds of bulk loose leaf for customers such as tea houses, cafes, restaurants, and hotels. All of the teas were traditional green teas in Japan, but some teas were quite new for here in the U.S. As a Japanese tea specialist, we would like to continue to introduce unique Japanese teas for American tea enthusiasts!

For inquiry regarding to the bulk loose leaf, please contact us.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

World Tea Expo 2010 is just around the corner.

World Tea Expo 2010 will be held from this Friday until Sunday. This year, our tea maker, Tea Maestro Sugimoto, will come to help us from Japan. If you are coming to the show, please stop by our booth #529 to talk with him. This is a great chance to learn about Japanese tea from the Tea Maestro.

For more information about World Tea Expo, please visit their website.