Thursday, April 14, 2011

FDA Assures Safety of Imports from Japan

As we have received a new shipment from Japan, a consumer safety officer of the FDA came over to our warehouse yesterday to examine our green tea.

Due to the current situation surrounding Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan, the FDA has been taking a very vigorous screening process for imports from Japan and working closely with import brokers and port authorities to continue to ensure that imported food is safe.

We felt very grateful that the FDA took time to come over to our warehouse and assured the safety of our green tea. As the officer continued examining our products with a special device, the radiation count kept showing absolutely "0" with all of our products. We have learned that the scale is set from 0 to 9. "The level 9 is when I would run screaming." said the officer. We laughed.

The officer spent nearly one hour in our "chilled" warehouse thoroughly checking the products and he did not find any trace of contamination.
The FDA does not have concerns with the safety of imported food products that are in distributions, and they will continue monitoring all the imports from Japan.

We assure you that we will provide safe green tea in full compliance with FDA regulations and instructions and continue to schedule on-sight examinations.

So enjoy our green tea with no worries.
Have a nice tea time!

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