Friday, July 8, 2011

Iced Green Tea

Are you enjoying the sun?
Try iced green tea in the hot weather like this.
It's so delicious, soothing, healthy and easy to make.

You can use loose leaf or teabag to make iced tea. Loose leaf always gives you its best flavor. But teabag is very convenient and tastes fantastic as well. Follow the instruction to make delicious iced green tea at home using large teabags.

SA Japanese Green Tea has three wonderful flavors of large teabags.
Sen Cha | Classic Green Tea
Hoji Cha | Roasted Green Tea
Genmai Cha | Green Tea with Roasted Brown Rice & Matcha

Make a pitcher of iced green tea and enjoy it with your whole family. Or how about green tea on the rocks? Soothing emerald green and wonderful flavor will surely please your palate.

Key point of making delicious iced green tea is that you need to brew it thick with a little amount of hot water first. Then pour iced water or ice cubes to cool it immediately. It will lock in the flavor and slow down the oxidation.

Pitcher of Iced Green Tea

Drop a teabag in a pitcher. 1-2 teabags per quarter gallon depending on your preferences.

Add a little amount of hot water to brew the tea thick.

Pour iced water to cool it. Keep the pitcher in the fridge and use it up within a day to enjoy its freshness.

Green Tea On The Rocks

Drop a teabag in a glass.

Add a little amount of hot water to brew the tea thick.

Pour ice cubes and enjoy!


Nina said...

Now I know the best way to make iced green tea and tea on the rocks. Thank you.

Hiroko said...

You are very welcome. Glad to know our blog helped you. Enjoy iced green tea! - Hiroko

green tea lover said...

yes best way to make green tea and enjoy its medicinal qualities also