Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Seasonal Green Tea Limited Offer

Here it comes!  Shin Cha season is here again!

Just like the last year, we are now accepting the pre-orders of  the seasonal green tea "Shin Cha 2012".

We offer three kinds of Shin Cha: Temomi Shin Cha, Hashiri Shin Cha, and Hachiju Hachiya Shin Cha.
Please go to our Shin Cha page to learn details.
Due to its exclusiveness, availability is limited.
Reserve you Shin Cha at our online store!


Below is the current view of our tea field.
Buds are slowly growing and waiting to come out.  Because of the cold spring, the harvest could be delayed a little. Soon the field will be covered with vibrant green.  Stay tuned with our updates photos!


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