Monday, March 24, 2008

I don't compromise on the product quality

In business world, we cannot compromise the quality of products. Even a small mistake, it shouldn't be accept. Cultural differences don't matter, it's always the same even in Japan and the U.S. Since I was born and raised in Japan, I might be too sensitive and nervous in terms of the products' quality? I don't think so.

This was my first time to do business with California based box-design and manufacturing company and had big troubles and disappointment with them. The manufacturing turn over was supporsed to be 3 and half weeks, but it took 7 weeks until I received my order. During the manufacturing, they had sent some box samples, but these samples always had defective. Everytime, I told them about the mistakes on the samples, and they fixed and said there are no more problems. Finally, I received my order last week, and... there was big vocabrary mistake. How can they make such a mistake?

I feel sorry that the company has to re-manifacture my order, but I don't compromise on the product quality. It's my promise to my customers.

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