Monday, March 10, 2008

Tea Addict? ...good for you

This picture is one of our hardest-working employees. He always stay my side, meet my thirsty, let me awake and relax, and support my healthy life. He has never complained to me.

I think I'm sort of tea addict (it might be my occupational disease). I start everyday with hot morning tea and drink more than 10 cups of tea a day. Do you think it's not good for my health because of too much Caffeine? Actually, some studies show that Caffeine has good influence to our body - shaking off the drowsiness, preventing obesity, or diuretic action. Standard of daily value alters depending on countries, but in Japan it's about 250mg, and one cup of tea has less than 20mg of Caffeine. That means... you don't need to worry about Caffeine in tea.

Because I was born as a son of tea producer in Japan, tea drinking is very close custom for me. Every after meal, a cup of tea was prepared by my mother, and everyone drunk tea without any special concern. Surprisingly (it's not surprising for me), I've never been to dentist to cure cavity or any other tooth-related disease. There must be personal difference for health effect of green tea consumption, but it's sure that green tea can bring healthy influence to your life.

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