Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear Temomi Lovers,

On April 23, our Temomi artisans gathered at our factory in early morning and started making 2010 Temomi Shincha with great care. As I posted, Shizuoka was hit by big chill at the end of March, and it largely affected the growth of young tea leaves. Even on that day, some tea plants hadn't matured yet, so the artisans had to observe each tea plant and make a careful selection of leaves. After the hand-pick harvest, steaming, kneading, and drying process took a place. All of the processes were done only by hands, and of course, no machinery were used.

My mother, Kazue Sugimoto, has 15-year experience as Temomi technician. In 1995, she started making Temomi Cha just for her enjoyment, but now she recognized importance to preserve this traditional craft art for the next generation. She is very pleased to have this opportunity to present Temomi Shincha to American tea lovers.

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