Thursday, April 8, 2010

Japanese Sweets (Wagashi) and Tea Tasting

Under the support of Takumi Ono of and Viv of SeattleBonVivant, we had a small Japanese sweets (Wagashi) and tea tasting on April 3. Wagashi and green tea are traditionally enjoyed together in Japan, and it's one of the beautiful and proud cultures of Japan.

For this event, one of the best wagashi makers in Seattle, TOKARA, provided her beautiful and delicious wagashi. She makes traditional style wagashi and surprisingly brings many of her ingredients all the way from Japan. See the photo above. Her work is just like art. Not only how it looks like, its taste is very traditional.

I made a presentation about Japanese green tea. Now many people recognize health benefits of green tea, but I think not so many people preciously understand what Japanese green tea is. Japanese green tea is different from other teas in many ways. Especially, how to prepare tea and how to store tea is big matter if you would like to fully enjoy Japanese tea. As Japanese tea adviser, it is my preasure to have this kind of educational opportunity. If you are interested in having this kind of event at your home, store, or restaurant, just contact us.

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