Friday, October 8, 2010

Announce the prize winner

Thank you for coming Northwest Tea festival. It was wonderful time to meet all of you.
Hope you had a great time at the event.

Personally, it was a first time to attend this event as a member of Sugimoto Americaone, I was really surprised that people were knowledgeable about teas well.
Even though I am from Japan and I raised up with green tea because my grand parents drinks green tea a lot,I barely can tell the taste of green tea.
Surprisingly, some kids liked to drink green tea because I didn't really like the taste when I was a little girl. Now, Green tea is well known as healthy beverages and green tea consumers are increasing much more than before. Since many people know the taste of teas and how to enjoy the tea, I am encouraged to learn different tastes of flavor.
Through this event, I learned how to brew the tasty tea.
I would like to share how to brew a tasty tea.
1).Put 1 tea spoon of tea and two third of boiled water in the pot.
2).Brew 10 seconds and pour little by little.
3). pour very last drop as well

The reason why last drop needs to be poured is it has the most intense flavor.

This process made the taste of tea so much better than how I used to brew.
I recommend all of you to try.

Now, I have an announcement!
As we mentioned, we hold a lottery to determine 3 winners of the applicants.
There are 144 applicants for this prize.
The winners are selected in a lucky draw.

Congratulation to you!!!!!
  1. Mike Buerdia (Gift Set)

2. Geneva Neulbauer (SA mag cup)

3. Anne Gariel (Greeting Card Set-three flavor is included;Sen Cha, Hoji Cha, and Genmai Cha)

We will ship prize to you within a couple of days.
We appreciate your participation.

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