Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Reason Why I Love Hoji Cha

I have been a fan of Hoji Cha since I was a little girl. Maybe it's because Hoji Cha was the first green tea my mom gave me. Hoji Cha is roasted green tea and known for its very low caffeine. In Japan pediatricians recommend Hoji Cha for babies.   Surprised?

Golden brown color, nice toasty flavor, calming aroma... ahhhh never get tired of Hoji Cha. What's interesting about this green tea is that it tastes delicious with cream and sugar. Just like black tea, it can be enjoyed as "Milk Tea". My kids LOVE Hoji Cha milk tea. I use loose leaf and brew it VERY thick and add a hint of cream and sugar.

Majority brands of Hoji Cha is made of tea leaves. SA Hoji Cha is made of mainly young twigs. Twigs have more sweetness than tea leaves. Tea Maestro Sugimoto's well-honed roasting technique beautifully crafts Hoji Cha.

Now Hoji Cha is the Tea of the Month. Don't miss out this offer!

by Hiroko

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