Friday, October 29, 2010

What's in common in these pictures?

Take a look of these photos. Can you guess what's in common in them?

Green tea!
If you guessed it right, you are a green tea savvy.

Believe it or not, they are all green tea products. The bag, purse, and shoes were dyed with green tea. It gives nice earth-tone brown color.
Body-wash towel, soap, mouthwash and socks were made for more of anti-odor purposes, because catechin in green tea is powerful antioxidant and help prevent odor.
True or not, you be the judge.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Discover the new taste#3

What is your plan for Halloween?

Why don't you bake and enjoy new taste?
Here is the one of the option to make your Halloween memorable. Discover new taste of cheese cake with green tea taste!

Green tea cheesecake
-Cream Cheese 250g
-Whip Cream 200ml
-2 eggs
-Sugar 90g
-Flower 30g
-Sen Cha powder( Match powder) 80g
  1. Put cream cheese into microwave and make it soften about 30 sec to 1 min
  2. Add sugar and mix well with cream cheese in the ball
  3. Add eggs one by one and mix well
  4. Add Sen Cha powder( Match powder) and flower then mix well again
  5. Pour whip cream little by little and mix well
  6. Bake cheese cake at 180-degree oven for 30 to 40 mins
Enjoy new taste of green tea!

Friday, October 22, 2010

What Do You Think About Green Tea Cola?

You might have already heard Green Tea Coke has hit the Japanese market in 2009. Coca Cola Japan said it is enriched with green tea and good for health and beauty. It looks just like regular coke but it definitely made me wonder how it taste like.

Here's another green tea fusion beverage from the green tea mecca, Shizuoka prefecture, Japan. It is called "Shizuoka Cola" literally.

Yay! The color of this beverage does not disappoint me. The manufacturer of this very unique cola, Kimura Beverage Company, said that they wanted to create cola that goes well with Japanese food. It seems they put lots of thoughts into the balance of cola flavor and green tea flavor. It took them five years in planning and one year for product development. Too bad, Shizuoka Cola is only available in Shizuoka.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Business Trip to NYC

At the beginning of September, I went to NYC to see some of our customers. It had been 6 months since I visited NYC last time and I finally had a chance to walk around the city this time.

One of the highlights of this trip was visiting Rheon Cafe, one of our important customers. They are making green tea ring cakes, and these are so yummy. If you live in Manhattan, you should go and try the cake.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Discovery the new taste #2

Trick or Treat! Have you decided what you will do on Halloween? Some of you may have decided what costumes to wear or what to cook for party.
Today,I would like to share the green tea cocktail ,which will be good for any occasions.
Green tea Cocktail
  • A cup of Sen Cha or Hoji Cha( as you like)
  • About 7oz of Plum wine
Shake well with ice cube as you like. Put the mint on the cocktail.

I used this Hoji Cha, which is 10% off for October's tea of the month. Hoji Cha enhances robust flavor that blends well with plum wine. Sen Cha makes cocktail light and refreshing flavor.
Try New taste!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Announce the prize winner

Thank you for coming Northwest Tea festival. It was wonderful time to meet all of you.
Hope you had a great time at the event.

Personally, it was a first time to attend this event as a member of Sugimoto Americaone, I was really surprised that people were knowledgeable about teas well.
Even though I am from Japan and I raised up with green tea because my grand parents drinks green tea a lot,I barely can tell the taste of green tea.
Surprisingly, some kids liked to drink green tea because I didn't really like the taste when I was a little girl. Now, Green tea is well known as healthy beverages and green tea consumers are increasing much more than before. Since many people know the taste of teas and how to enjoy the tea, I am encouraged to learn different tastes of flavor.
Through this event, I learned how to brew the tasty tea.
I would like to share how to brew a tasty tea.
1).Put 1 tea spoon of tea and two third of boiled water in the pot.
2).Brew 10 seconds and pour little by little.
3). pour very last drop as well

The reason why last drop needs to be poured is it has the most intense flavor.

This process made the taste of tea so much better than how I used to brew.
I recommend all of you to try.

Now, I have an announcement!
As we mentioned, we hold a lottery to determine 3 winners of the applicants.
There are 144 applicants for this prize.
The winners are selected in a lucky draw.

Congratulation to you!!!!!
  1. Mike Buerdia (Gift Set)

2. Geneva Neulbauer (SA mag cup)

3. Anne Gariel (Greeting Card Set-three flavor is included;Sen Cha, Hoji Cha, and Genmai Cha)

We will ship prize to you within a couple of days.
We appreciate your participation.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Reason Why I Love Hoji Cha

I have been a fan of Hoji Cha since I was a little girl. Maybe it's because Hoji Cha was the first green tea my mom gave me. Hoji Cha is roasted green tea and known for its very low caffeine. In Japan pediatricians recommend Hoji Cha for babies.   Surprised?

Golden brown color, nice toasty flavor, calming aroma... ahhhh never get tired of Hoji Cha. What's interesting about this green tea is that it tastes delicious with cream and sugar. Just like black tea, it can be enjoyed as "Milk Tea". My kids LOVE Hoji Cha milk tea. I use loose leaf and brew it VERY thick and add a hint of cream and sugar.

Majority brands of Hoji Cha is made of tea leaves. SA Hoji Cha is made of mainly young twigs. Twigs have more sweetness than tea leaves. Tea Maestro Sugimoto's well-honed roasting technique beautifully crafts Hoji Cha.

Now Hoji Cha is the Tea of the Month. Don't miss out this offer!

by Hiroko

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Say Teaaaa

It's World Smile Day this month.
A smile is one of the most obvious and effective methods of non-verbal communication. Your warm smile might brighten up someone's heart, bring positive attitude to your workplace, make people want to know about you, and simply you feel good.
Use the power of smile and be happy!

Smiles are everywhere. Even teas are smiling today.
by Hiroko